New from Dan Pearce

Exploding into Spring is Dan Pearce's latest collection.

Dan has used his full repertoire of skills in producing a stand out collection, skilfully fusing graffiti, traditional painting, collage, and textured resin to produce collectable hand finished editions and stunning three dimensional lenticular pieces.

Modern Muse

In 'Modern Muse,' Leonardo's iconic Mona Lisa undergoes a contemporary transformation.

Set against a backdrop of vibrant graffiti and Keith Haring characters, sporting fashionable over-ear headphones and a leather jacket, embracing elements of Gucci, Supreme, tattoos, and emojis.

The textured banknote in her hand and the vandalized frame contribute to a sense of displacement, while her timeless smile remains the focal point, reflected in both the graffiti and her badge. This vibrant hand finished mixed media edition has an edition of only 195 is guaranteed to turn heads and make even the Mona Lisa smile.

Lose Yourself In The Music

Embark on a nostalgic journey with Dan Pearce's hand-embellished framed mixed media edition of 49, evoking the vibrant spirit of the 1980s.

Pearce ingeniously combines retro aesthetics with modern technology, illuminating the phrase 'Lose Yourself in the Music' atop a classic boombox motif. Subtle 'Supreme' logos nod to contemporary cultural influences, while raised elements add depth to the predominantly pink canvas, accentuated by pops of blue and yellow.

This impressive statement piece promises to captivate with its fusion of past and present, serving as a stunning focal point for any space.

A Heart Full Of Love

Dive into the vibrant world of 'A Heart Full of Love,' a captivating creation by contemporary artist Dan Pearce.

This pop-inspired masterpiece features a central heart motif crafted from various renditions of the word 'love,' rendered in graffiti-style hues from soft pastels to vivid fuchsia and blue. Against a darker backdrop of shifting multi-colored heart outlines, the dynamic contrast between foreground and background mesmerises viewers from every angle.

Part of Pearce's new spring collection, this hand-embellished lenticular image, released in an edition of 49, is an ode to the timeless theme of love. Add a touch of warmth and contemporary flair to your art collection with this stunning piece.

Joke's On You

Introducing 'Joke's on You,' a captivating 3D lenticular portrait unveiled as part of Dan Pearce's dynamic new spring collection.

Featuring the enigmatic Joker, one of DC Comics' iconic villains, Pearce's creation is divided into three parts, harnessing lenticular lenses to imbue depth and dynamism. Embracing the Joker's unpredictable nature, the image shifts and evolves from various perspectives.

Departing from convention, Pearce allows the paint to spill onto the frame, mirroring the anarchic spirit of the character. Published as a 3D Lenticular Edition of 195, 'Joke's on You' promises to captivate comic book aficionados, movie enthusiasts, and art connoisseurs alike, serving as a spectacular centre piece in any collection.