One third of British band The Prodigy, Maxim is known for a fierce style of art that explores the complex nature of humanity. His art intertwines positive and negative elements of society with an unexpected and deeply personal convergence of the shocking and the gentle.

    Maxim is influenced by his love of the surreal, whether that is movies and books or the work of other artists such as Dali and Bosch. Creativity is at the forefront of Maxim’s work and he uses  a range of mixed media, and is constantly looking for new concepts and techniques to give each artwork a uniquely expressive edge, and by placing objects in an unexpected context he creates art which is both thought-provoking and emotionally challenging.

    Maxim has been with the Prodigy since its inception in 1990 and has toured all seven of their studio albums extensively around the world, picking up numerous awards along the way including MTV and NME accolades recognising their unique and innovative music as well as their chart success. He turned to art in 2004, but choosing to keep his career as a musician and artist separate he exhibited his work under the moniker MM. He has become a highly sought-after and much respected visual artist and has met with success at solo shows in London and L.A.

    “Art is another expression for me. When I’m not doing music, I’m doing art. When I’m not doing art I’m doing music. That’s my life fulfilled.”