Campbell La Pun


    Campbell La Pun’s new collection reflects the modern world through the aesthetics of urban pop art and is created using the ubiquitous spray can, re-imagined with high end branding. Inspired by the world around him, La Pun uses unique colour combinations, conversations with friends, even drinking a bottle of champagne as the impetus for a new piece.

    Although born in New Zealand, La Pun grew up in Australia, where global advertising, pop culture iconography, a vast population and a hi-tech economy all fed into his unique work. There are influences from Warhol and Basquiat in his creations, while La Pun also admires Australian street art pioneer, Anthony Lister and satirical Japanese artist, Madsaki.

    The base stencils for his pieces are first created on computer, after which rough designs are prepared, printed, cut by hand and then painted layer by layer. La Pun is well known for his creativity and desire to experiment, but his preferred medium remains spray paint on wood panels.

    The originality of his ideas and distinctive style have led to exhibitions on four continents. Appealing to a wide range of collectors, La Pun has sold pieces to pop stars and influencers as diverse as Mel B and Kylie Jenner, as well as to many corporations, most recently, Moet Hennessy (Suisse).

    “I’ve always felt people work really hard, and (that) life is difficult. I want to make work that people can just see and smile.”

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