Jeanette Innala


    Jeanette Innala seeks to experience the chemistry between combining traditional paintings with contemporary mediums such as liquid glass and technology. This fusion results in deeply personal creations which develop organically and are instantly recognisable.

    Born in 1968 in Skellefteå in the North of Sweden, Innala flourished in a creative home environment where self-expression was encouraged. Her understanding of colour, composition and texture can be traced back to her aesthetic father who introduced her to painting, sculpturing and metalwork from an early age.

    “I use a range of different processes and mediums, but I always start off with multiple layers of paint and ink. Always with the intent of translating my own experiences into evoking colour and light formations that seek to create a dialogue with the viewer”.

    Innala´s work have garnered much acclaim, including a large collection of 30 works acquired by the prominent international Museum, Deji Art Museum, in Nanjing, and as well large corporate clients you will find her privately commissioned pieces with collectors throughout Sweden, Europe, US, and China.

    “ To be able to turn my inner experience into an outer expression connecting with people is something extraordinary”.

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