Richard Heeps

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    Richard Heeps' work captivates with its seductive, vivid colors and intricate compositions, revealing a profound affection and understanding of his subjects, whether they're descriptive interiors, still life arrangements, or landscapes. His distinctive style pushes the limits of photography

    Although Richard was brought up in East Anglia, he was heavily influenced by America. He visited American bases, kept magazine cuttings and followed drag racing. The speed, lifestyle and technicolour is reflected in his imagery. 'American' colour is a major aspect in his work, which in turn drives his material choices.

    At age ten he began participating in art shows and became comfortable with showing his work opening him up to praise and criticism which he sees as part of an artist’s development.

    Richard works from his home studio and darkroom in Cambridge. Creating new artworks, going out on location around the country and archiving work which has lead to new releases of unseen negatives dating back over twenty years.

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    Richard Heeps Studio Visit

    Simon visited Richard in his Cambridge studio, and found out more about Richard's process, inspiration and his favourite Ice cream flavour!