Antonio Sannino


    Antonio's innovative depictions of urban landscapes and water surfaces straddle the line between abstraction and figuration. Born in Naples in 1959, he has devoted his life to painting, honing his craft by studying under Italian masters throughout Europe.

    From London to Rome, Antonio paints cities, but his heart belongs to Manhattan. Inspired by its towering geometric structures, he captures their essence with "sharp strokes and interruptions – the finished and the unfinished." Utilizing his camera to capture optimal light, he immortalizes fleeting moments frozen in time on aluminum canvases, applying oils with brushes, spatulas, and fingers.

    Constantly adding and removing paint, Antonio achieves a unique shimmering effect. A resin glaze finishes each piece, adding reflective elements that enhance its impact. With numerous solo exhibitions across Europe, the USA, and Japan, Antonio's works are highly sought after, commanding high prices and international acclaim.

    In his own words, "The beauty of the landscape is enhanced by the beauty of the light. It is the light that I paint, and the beauty of the landscape unfolds."

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