Monika Nowak


    Monika Nowak is renowned for her pop art masterpieces, which brim with creativity, intuition, and originality.

    Her subjects, reminiscent of pop culture heroines, exude beauty, power, and humor, yet they also convey fragility, sweetness, and lyricism, reflecting Monika's distinctive vision. Drawing inspiration from comic strips, her artworks evoke nostalgia, enriching the pop art experience.

    Monika's narrative landscape is a captivating realm of vibrant colors, tributes, and tropes, often amplifying femininity to prompt reflections on modern womanhood. Each piece serves as a critique of society while affirming the artist's determination to imprint her personality on a chaotic world.

    In collaboration with fashion photographers and makeup artists, Monika conceptualizes her works, orchestrating elaborate photo shoots as a starting point. These sessions fuel her creative process, with ideas evolving and transforming as she combines elements from different photographs to create her 'idea' of the feminine.

    Utilizing cutting-edge technology and digital skills, Monika explores manifold possibilities, visualizing and developing her ideas in new and exciting ways. Despite embracing technology, she emphasizes the primacy of emotion over tools in the creative process.

    Passionate about human rights, Monika uses her art to advocate for the freedom and empowerment of women globally. Through unconventional use of color and design, she challenges societal norms, fostering inclusivity and unity across cultures.

    Born into a family of Polish artists in France, Monika pursued a career as a fine artist after gaining experience in creative directing. Based in Paris, she continues to captivate audiences with her dynamic creations, exhibiting internationally and leaving an indelible mark on the contemporary art scene.

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