Sherree Valentine Daines


    Sherree Valentine Daines was born in Effingham in Surrey and whilst in her first job as a legal secretary at the age of 18 she found herself idling sketching during quiet periods. It soon became apparent that a career in art was her calling and Sherree enrolled at the Epsom School of Art.

    Epsom was highly respected and very traditional and it was here that Sherree's style began to develop and she started to specialise in figurative work. With a focus on light and shade within a scene this led her down the route of impressionism and the influence of artists including Monet and Renoir can be seen in her compositional technique. 

    Sherree's career as an artist since her graduation has exceeded her wildest dreams – from a sell out exhibition in Cornwall to being commissioned to paint 1986 Ashes at all the test grounds that summer to enjoying a celebratory following including members of the Royal Family, Sherree has had incredible success which continues even now over 30 years after it all began.

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