WRDSMTH Art available from Startle

    Startle is delighted to introduce WRDSMTH, one of the most distinctive figures in the world of contemporary street art.

    WRDSMTH’s concise, yet profound, visual statements are a source of empowerment to the creator and viewer alike, offering an insight into shared emotions and experiences. Inspired by day-to-day conversations, WRDSMTH’s work reflects the sights and sounds of the world around him and most of all, his own personal history, including his early love of comic books and his passion for music.

    Born in Cleveland, Ohio, WRDSMTH now has his studio above the canyons outside Los Angeles. Using stencils and spray paint, he draws on an eclectic range of influences, from Turner’s vibrant impressionism, to the social commentary of Banksy, Invader and Shepard Fairey, all of whom helped ignite his passion for street art. As an award-winning published author, WRDSMTH says, “I love writing in any medium and street art is just another medium, albeit a pretty damn cool one.”

    WRDSMTH’s statement artworks are exhibited in galleries worldwide, while his list of celebrity collectors has expanded to include Lily Collins, Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale, Rachel Bilson, Josh Schwartz, Gal Godot, Michelle Monaghan, Rain Phoenix and Joaquin Phoenix. His pieces are exhibited in galleries, as well as on buildings, around the world and he has worked with many global brands including Google, Lululemon, TOMS, Apple, SoHo House and Andaz Hotels.

    WRDSMTH’s tempered optimism and an undertone of romance mirrors his intentions as a storyteller, seeking beauty in the everyday, and establishing himself as an inspiring artistic presence.

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