Emma Gibbons


    Emma Gibbons, a mixed-media artist from the South West, mastered art and illustration at the London College of Printing and Camberwell College of Art.

    Known for her dazzling creations from miniature handcrafted elements, she often incorporates precious and curious materials. With seven years alongside Damien Hirst, including installing his famed diamond-encrusted skull, and contributing to the Chapman Brothers' "Fucking Hell" installation, her career is illustrious. Drawing from her Cornish heritage, she imbues her work with playful yet meticulous craftsmanship, aiming to bring joy to viewers' walls. Her art has graced esteemed venues like the Institute of Contemporary Art and art fairs worldwide.

    Emma's work has been bought by clients and collectors all over the world, including Zoe Ball, Dawn French and recently Margot Robbie Speaking about Margot Robbie’s purchasing her work “Margot Robbie buying the Bad Barbie piece from me last year was just incredible; a real career highlight. I genuinely can’t think of anyone I would like to own a piece of my work more than Margot!”

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