Giles Ward


    Giles Ward is best known for his modern, contemporary marine life that is inspired by nature and it's hidden textures and colours that can only be found upon closer inspection.

    Sourcing fresh from his local fish Monger and painting from life or taking photographs whilst his subject matter is still fresh reveals the more vibrant colours of mauves, blues and purples in their still shimmering scales. 

    With experimentation at the heart of all Giles’ work he pre-dominantly uses oils to recreate these unique textures followed by the addition of acrylics, inks, spray paint, varnishes and anything else he can lay his hands on to get the desired effect. He's been known to use thread, sawdust and even crushed crab shell in some of his original artworks. 

    Originally from Yorkshire Giles studied fine art at Sheffield and then moved to Exeter to study Illustration and Graphic Design before becoming a full time artist based in the South West of England. As an Artist, Sculptor, Photographer and Published Author, Giles a passionate advocate of the creative arts and is a trustee of the Exeter based arts for health charity 'Magic Carpet'.