Nick Veasey


    Nick Veasey sees the world through X-rays, using this invisible spectrum of light to reveal the true essence of his subjects. From bridal couples to machinery, his work strips away superficial layers to uncover a surprising beauty beneath.

    Nick's innovative techniques challenge our focus on appearances by showing the inner workings of everyday objects. His art, inspired by his mantra "inside we are all the same," merges engineering, science, and photography to expose what lies beneath the surface.

    Fascinated by the internal structures of items, Nick’s detailed X-rays highlight both the simplicity and complexity within. His pieces, often inspired by personal experiences or true events, evoke powerful emotional responses.

    Drawing inspiration from Albert G. Richards’ floral radiographs, Nick’s portfolio ranges from Christmas trees to fashion by Alexander McQueen. Notably, he created a life-sized Boeing 777 from over 1,000 X-rays, displayed on a United Airlines hangar.Using medical and industrial radiography machines, Nick’s art emerges from behind 35 cm lead-lined walls in his studio.

    His preferred Diasec method makes the X-rays appear to float with stunning clarity. Available as Chromogenic prints or light boxes, his artworks pop against deep black backgrounds. His lenticular portraits add a playful, animated dimension.

    Nick’s work, blending scientific precision with artistic flair, has gained recognition from both art and science communities. He has exhibited worldwide, including retrospectives at Fotografiska and the Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, and his pieces are part of the V&A’s National Collection of Photography, Nick has also collaborated with brands such as Porsche and Nike, and featured in National Geographic and Wired.

    Nick is a pioneer in X-ray art, pushing the boundaries of both subject and scale. As he puts it, "By revealing the inside, my art speculates on what the world truly consists of."

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