Richard Heeps Studio Visit

Richard was our most collected artist in 2023, with work sold to collectors throughout the UK and internationally. From his iconic Ices to the imagery captured in everyday spaces and cities across the world, Richards art inspires, seduces and transports, revealing unseen moments in time.

We are delighted to be able to showcase Richard's work and have a permanent space dedicated to Richards photography, working closely with Richard to ensure the latest collections are on display in the gallery.

Simon caught up with Richard in his Cambridge based studio and he shared with us an insight into his process, inspiration and we couldn’t leave without finding out what Richard’s favourite flavour Ice cream is!

Firstly, I need to choose the location/subject and spend time studying it to find the right light, I like to react to the results returning again and again to improve, immersing myself in the place helps me tune into the surroundings and really get beneath the surface of the location.

During this process I like to take a lot of film footage which I use as a sketching process, along with short films to accompany the artwork. I enjoy sharing the films I shoot on Instagram, and they form a huge part of my creative process.

I shoot everything on film, which is processed and from the negatives I make contact sheets in the darkroom and evaluate the images as a positive, and then review each. From the chosen subject I will take multiple pictures, in various lights and composition and from these I select which will be put in the enlarger in my darkroom.

This can be a complicated process because initial feeling can change and I make different choices when I return to the piece, occasionally images complement other images to communicate the story I want to tell as part of a set.

I am very particular about my material choices to achieve my look. Generally, it’s a slow process with many test prints to achieve what I’m looking for in terms of colour feel and mood.

Once printed all of the pieces are mounted and framed by me and Eleanor in the studio.Great care is taken when mounting and framing each piece, with everything completed in the studio from the mounting onto aluminium through to ensuring the highest standards when framing using our own Italian moulding

I grew up in the sixties which was a very colourful decade, there was something about the early colour TV’s that had a weird colour to them and the technicolour Hollywood films that were a bit over the top. Magazines were king at that time before the internet, Sunday supplements in the newspapers featuring documentary and fashion photography were very inspiring.

Album covers were also a huge source of inspiration, but art is everywhere and can be accessible without having to set foot into a gallery.

During my early years, time spent with family was a great inspiration, we would go out on Sunday drives and my father would photograph along the Fenland roadside, whilst my mother would capture the family, freezing time and memories, all of these subjects are key to my work.

Oh that’s easy a 1953 Ford Pop

I have been lucky to travel extensively, and you are right Norfolk is one of my favourites, but a very close second is Milan where I have photographed pieces such as Cordial Campari and the beautiful foyers to name but a few.

The second and final album from Joy Division, Closer

Yes we are working on some new colour ways, and a beautiful Teal is on the horizon.

It has to be dark chocolate!


Created as an ode to Richard's childhood and visits to the the Sussex coast, telling the story of the simple joys of the British seaside.

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From the glamorous to the mundane Richard's beautiful images capture moments in time from across the world

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Richard Heeps and Natasha Heidler collaborated to form a collection that celebrated the vinyl record and cassette tape

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