Axel Crieger


    American-German artist and photographer, Axel Crieger, brings together a range of elements and ideas to create singularly theatrical images, each with its own unique overtones of decadence, danger or desire.

    His work is both thought-provoking and amusing, with its unexpected juxtapositions creating a curious and compelling narrative. Crieger’s latest collection is inspired by some of the luxury brands that he has worked with over the years, particularly one of the most iconic and beautiful; the Chanel No.5 perfume bottle.

    Designed by Coco Chanel herself, this classic motif acts as his starting point, from which he follows in the footsteps of Andy Warhol, adding more layers to the myth surrounding this timeless brand. Each glossy and glamorous interpretation places the bottle at the heart of a story that we can all recognise and offers a surreal slant on the cultural landscape.