Collection: Daniel Martin

Hailing from Scotland, Daniel's work is heavily inspired by the ethereal-like magic that he feels lucky to have been brought up with, and has always had a special place in his heart for Scottish skies. There is always a lot happening on ground level, so he appreciates the escapism that is involved with looking up.

Working predominantly with oils, Daniel makes the most of their vibrancy and depth, as well as marrying beautifully blended skies with thick, textured strokes of the palette knife to create contrast.

Being a drummer by trade, he also likes to paint to music in a percussive, metronomic manner, which influences his brush strokes, encourages improvisation and allows him to think less and feel more.

Although much of his work has elements of realism, he says that he wants his work to look like a painting and not a photograph. He is also an advocate of there being no rules, so you may find one collection looking vastly different from another, and it's this freedom that helps Daniel evolve.