Kate Rose


    Kate completed her undergraduate studies in Fine Art: Painting and Drawing at Northampton university, where she extensively explored the diverse range of materials available to contemporary artists. Her artistic practice encompassed various mediums including collage, resin, charcoal on paper, and acrylics on canvas.

    Notably, Kate's abstract series garnered recognition and was exhibited at The Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, London. This exhibition served as a catalyst for her selection as a finalist in the esteemed Graduate Art Prize exhibition curated by ArtIQ and hosted at Herbert Smith Freehills in the City of London.

    Kate's artistic approach seamlessly merges her profound appreciation for the natural world with dynamic brushstrokes and by skilfully blending traditional wildlife portraiture with spontaneous and vibrant abstract expressionism, she transcends conventional boundaries and establishes meaningful connections between different artistic styles.

    Through this harmonious fusion, Kate not only captures the essence of life, character, and movement within her subjects but also reflects upon the inherent beauty and spirit of their surroundings through meticulous colour choices

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