Virginie Schroeder


    Startle is proud to add the Pop Art-inspired portraits of Virginie Schroeder to our portfolio of international artists. Schroeder's work combines abstraction and realism to offer a new way of looking at the world’s most iconic faces.

    Her precise and elaborate explorations of geometry, colour and texture, deconstruct familiar features, recreating them as a series of hand-painted lines.  When viewed from a distance, each apparently abstract composition resolves into a beautiful and accurate likeness of its subject.

    Born in the Moselle region of France in 1979, Schroeder relocated to Quebec in 2009 which is where she became established as an artist. Her love of art was inspired by her father, a sculptor and artisan cabinetmaker. Through him, she inherited his passion for realising a personal artistic vision by creating with her own hands, describing her work as ‘sculpture on canvas’.

    Schroeder studied Fine Art at the Academy of Painting in Metz, Lorraine, but since graduating, has developed her work further, by introducing experimentation with plaster, silicone, resin and more. Starting with a realistic sketch which she deconstructs and transforms into lines, Schroeder1 then applies multiple layers of acrylic and oil with a syringe and reworks them with a knife, to ultimately create a portrait of unique, yet familiar, imagery.

    During her career, Schroeder has built an impressive international collector base and her work has been exhibited all over the world. We are delighted to introduce her to our clients around the UK.

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